It Doesn’t Have To Be Peachy ðŸ‘

If you’ve been following me for a while, particularly over on Snapchat (wearethewatsons), you’ll know I have no trouble sharing my struggles and flaws. You see me in all my forms. Happy, sad, anxious, loving, in my much loved dressing gown and straight after I’ve rolled out of bed in the morning. I have no issue letting it be known what I’m going through or showing the parts of me that are, less than ideal.

But after a conversation earlier today I felt the need to explain why.

When I tell you all what I’m going through, it’s not a cry for help nor is it to say “poor me”. Its actually more about you as a viewer.

I tell you all I’m having a shit time because I want to be real, that’s a huge priority for me. I want to be transparent. I want to show you all I’m human and just like you, I’m struggling. I want you to see that it’s normal, that we don’t have to be perfect and over come life’s curveballs without a hitch. I want it to be ok to say that’s things suck at the moment, and actually that’s really normal.

Wether I’m showing my anxiety, my toddler’s tantrums, my mum pouch, my stresses or my fears – it’s for a reason. I know that for every struggle I voice, there’s someone else out there experiencing the same thing who might just need to be shown, in that moment, it’s ok to talk about it.

It’s also for my daughters. I never want them to have to keep anything inside that might hold them back. I want to show my girls it’s ok to be whatever it is you are, or whatever it is you feel. Life’s a journey that shouldn’t be hidden.

So next time I’m whinging about how unbelievably overwhelmed I’m feeling, don’t think I’m seeking your attention. I’m being real with you so you see things ain’t all peachy for me either. Life is to be lived together, through struggles and strengths. We’re on this journey together.

Ness x


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